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PlayStation Vita's Soul Sacrifice is Probably From Sony

Mystery action title debuts through ad in this week's Famitsu. Full reveal coming next month.


PlayStation Vita's newest game debuted in Famitsu this week through a six page teaser advertisement. The advertisement reveals little in the way of specifics about the game, except that its name is Soul Sacrifice.

Sokuho@Hokanko has provided a summary of the six page advertisement, revealing the following:

The first page shows four characters fighting a giant three headed beast. This page has those key words that we mentioned earlier -- story of magicians, evolved combat, and real fantasy shown in high spec.

The second page shows a number of illustrations of demons and monsters, presumably your enemies. Text on this page reads, "Are you ready?"

Another image shows a hooded character with his open hand extended out to you. His hand has some sort of red Z-like mark on it.

Other text in the ad indicates that the game is an action title that will shake your soul.

Specifics on Soul Sacrifice will be announced on May 10 at an event that will be held at Tokyo International Forum from 15:00 to 16:00 (doors open at 14:00). The event will be streamed to PSN members. There may be a registration process for watching the event. We should be getting details later this week.

The announcement event is being held by Sony Computer Entertainment, causing some speculation that the new game may be a first party title. The ad does not specifically state this, although it's worth noting that SCEI is also in the ad's copyright.

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