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Super Monkey Ball Vita Includes "Adult Map"

Roll your monkey balls over Yukie Kawamura chest.


Sega announced today that the first print run of Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz will include a product code for an "adult map."

The "adult map" is themed around Yukie Kawamura, the gravure model who appeared in a recent Monkey Ball promotional video that lacked game footage but had lots and lots of Yukie... bending herself into strange shapes.

Sega has packed the map full of Yukie-themed "gimmicks."

You can try out a sample of the adult map in a demo that Sega released to PlayStation Store today.

The card the product code comes on will come in three flavors. They all feature Yukie in a bikini, but you'll get just one pic at random.

Here's a video of Yukie playing herself. Unlike the last Yukie Monkey Ball video, this one actually shows a bit of the game.

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