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Hello Fire Emblem Lightning

Plus, the crazy things people in love say about each other.


What's Final Fantasy XIII hero Lightning doing in Fire Emblem Awakening?

"Yes, I'm Lightning. That's my name," says Fire Emblem Lightning (which is presumably just someone's My Unit creation).

Fire Emblem Awakening has a relationship component. In addition to bringing back the marriage aspect of older entries in the series , the game shows your relationship status with other characters through hearts and textual descriptions indicating how strong two characters feel about one-another.

Sample phrases shown in the below screens include: "I love her secretly," "I would protect her with my life," and "I believe he is my destiny."

The characters do not always feel the same way about one-another. In the top screen below, the girl says "I'm crazy about him" while the guy says "I would like to go shopping with her."

The color of the screen appears to indicate how cold the relationship is. The bottom screen apparently shows a married couple that doesn't really get along, with the girl feeling "He's scary when he's angry."

[Via Hachimaki]

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