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Atlus Japan Formally Announces Dragon's Crown Takeover


The US PlayStation Blog spilled the glorious high definition 2D beans on the transfer of publishing rights for Dragon's Crown from Ignition to Atlus. Atlus Japan quickly followed up with a press release of its own.

According to the Atlus Japan announcement Atlus has acquired the Dragon's Crown title IP as well as manufacturing and sales rights to the game from Ignition Entertainment Limited.

Vanillaware will continue developing the game. Atlus/Index will handle manufacturing and sales.

The Atlus press release does not mention anything about the Persona staff working on the production side of the game. This is something that was mentioned in the PS.com blog post, which was written by Atlus USA staff.

This isn't the first time Atlus and Vanillaware have worked together, of course. Atlus released Vanillaware's Odin Sphere for PlayStation 2 in May 2007. According to today's press release, Odin Sphere crossed 350,000 unit sales in Japan, North America and Europe.

The PS.com blog post mentioned a 2013 release time frame for North America. The Atlus Japan press release lists the date (and price) as just TBA.

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