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Tetsuya Nomura Hints at More World Ends With You


Square Enix's revival of fan favorite DS title The World Ends With You may go beyond just a few cameo appearances in Kingdom Hearts 3D. In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, Tetsuya Nomura, one of the main creative forces behind both games, made some comments that suggest a sequel could be on the way.

Speaking about the character cameo appearances in KH3D, Nomura noted that the Raimu/Rhyme character did not have any lines for her appearance in The World Ends With You. She only had reaction voices. For KH3D, they decided to do voice casting for this character "out of consideration of the future of The World Ends With You series."

This segment of the interview ended with an even stronger hint that a sequel could be on the way. Said Nomura, "Regarding The World Ends With You, I can't say anything at present... (laughs). But there probably is something."

[Via FF Reunion]

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