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Cute Nintendo CEO Pic Causes Kirby Announcement Speculation

Plus, teases from Masahiro Sakurai and Indies Zero.


Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata sent out notice of today's Nintendo Direct broadcast to 3DS users via Spot Pass. This isn't surprising, as Iwata has sent similar messages for past broadcasts.

What is surprising (and also quite adorable) is the picture that was included with the notice:

It's Iwata standing next to a giant Kirby plushy. The text asks people to tune into the broadcast.

The appearance of Kirby in Iwata's message has caused speculation of a possible Kirby-related announcement.

A few other creators have provided hints about what to expect from the broadcast. Masahiro Sakurai, head of the studio that just completed work on Kid Icarus Uprising, said via Twitter to expect some sort of news related to Uprising. (It should also be noted that Sakurai is one of the main forces behind the Kirby franchise.)

Masanobu Suzui, head of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy developer Indies Zero, also suggested that fans be sure and watch the broadcast.

Today's Nintendo Direct will be held at noon.

[via Game Memo]

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