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Nintendo Direct Live Blog

The latest Wii and 3DS announcements straight from Iwata.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata sent out this invite to 3DS owners. Is there a reason he posed with Kirby?

Nintendo is hosting its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast today. CEO Satoru Iwata will take to the podium (or basement or motion capture studio -- can you guess where he'll show up this time?) at 12:00 noon and will share the latest Wii and 3DS news.

You can watch the proceedings for yourself at the Nintendo Direct site. The main broadcast will run from 12:00 to 12:40. Bonus videos will follow through 12:57. You'll also want to check the Nintendo Direct site after the event, as Nintendo usually posts videos and other goodies.

We'll be live blogging in this space. This is another one of those old-skool live blogs where you're going to have to refresh the page for updates, so be sure and hit f... 5 is it?

While waiting for the event to start, be sure and take a look at our Wii, DS and 3DS release charts (updated to full Weekly Famitsu spec), as well as our previous Nintendo Direct live blogs:

Live Updates Follow

12:39: The presentation is over!

Lengthy videos of Etrian Odyssey IV, Culdcept and Kid Icarus will follow.

I'm stopping the "live blog" here. Thanks for reading!

12:38: Next, new side scrolling Super Mario Bros.!

This will be released in August.

The game is titled New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Iwata says Nintendo is aiming for the new 2D Mario standard.

12:37: First, Animal Crossing!

Iwata says that development is going well. It will be released in the Fall.

The name is Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori.

Tobidasu can mean jump out -- it refers not just to the 3D, but to the game's wireless support.

12:37: Next, two more 3DS titles!

12:37: Next, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy:

New download songs for FFXI, FFXIII, FFVII and ... I didn't get the last one... will be released tomorrow.

12:37: Monster Hunter 3G will get a couple of challenge quests.

12:34: Next, Fire Emblem Awakening.

Iwata mentions and shows the first piece of download content that was released simultaneous with the game. This is available for free through May 31.

There will be more download content on 4/26, priced ¥250 and ¥350. Both items are past Fire Emblem characters drawn by guest art designers.

12:33: You can watch additional Kid Icarus Uprising technique videos after the broadcast.

Iwata also mentions a soundtrack campaign that's currently running through Club Nintendo.

12:31: Next, Kid Icarus Uprising!

They're going to show a video showing some gameplay techniques.

(I wonder if this is what Sakurai was talking about in his Twitter update...)

12:29: A 3DS firmware update is coming soon.

This will add folder functionality to the home menu. You can store up to 60 items in a single folder. You can also give names to each folder. The first character of the name is shown in the folder's icon.

The firmware will also add support for software version up/patches. Nintendo's first patch will be Mario Kart 7. The patch will fix some shortcut issues with the game. Iwata apologies for causing players inconvenience.

Konami's New Love Plus and Squenix's Kingdom Hearts 3D will also get patches.

12:26: Next, Calciobit, a soccer game that we've seen in past Nintendo Direct broadcasts.

(I'm pretty sure I spelled it differently in each blog... sorry!)

Nintendo will be holding some sort of promotion involving real soccer players and celebrities. They will show videos of people playing against one another starting in late May.

The final name is Pocket Soccer League Calciobit. A release is set for July 12, priced ¥4,800.

12:23: Next, an update on Culdcept for 3DS.

The game has download play, says Iwata. You can use it for cooperative play -- one person who doesn't own the game playing co-op against the CPU with someone who does own it.

A Culdcept introduction video will be shown after the Nintendo Direct video.

A tournament will be held in the Fall.

Nintendo will also be giving cards to buyers.

Nintendo is also starting a Culdcept Twitter -- 3DS_Culdcept.

Culdcept is due out on June 28.

12:21: Next, Mario Tennis Open, which is due on May 24.

I6 characters.

Also use your Miis from Mii Studio.

You can also make use of around 200 items with your Miis. The items change properties -- speed, spin, etc.

12:20: Out in 2012...

12:19: The biggest crossover fight in history!

12:19: Crosses time, dimensions and makers!

12:19: Capcom!


Namco Bandai!

12:18: Yes we will!

12:18: Next, Project X Zone! Will we get our first gameplay footage?

12:17: Next, Rune Factory 4. Iwata notes that players can now sell items to people around town.

Rune Factory 4 is due out on 7/19.

12:16: Next, the 3DS Taiko Drum Master Chibi Dragon game which was announced a couple of weeks back.

Iwata shows off the game's new adventure game, where Don-chan and his baby dragon friend work through a story.

The new Taiko Drum Master will be released on July 12.

12:15: Next, Little Battler eXperience Explosive Boost, an updated 3DS version of a PSP title.

Iwata details what's improved for the 3DS version (without mentioning PSP, of course).

3DS Little Battler eXperience is due on July 5.

12:13: Next, Etrian Odyssey IV. Atlus provided Nintendo with the latest gameplay footage.

A demo of some sort will be released after today's broadcast. The full game is due on July 5.

12:12: Next, Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D. This was also previously announced for May 31.

Iwata notes that the game has some monsters from Dragon Quest X (I believe these were shown in past screenshot updates).

There will be some bonus goodies for those who have Joker save files, said Iwata.

12:11: Guild 01 is due on May 31. This was previously announced.

12:11: That head thing is really on the box...

12:11: First up, Level-5's Guild 01, with a new trailer that was made just for Nintendo Direct.

12:10: Next, third party titles for May and beyond.

12:08: Due out on July 14 is Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro for 3DS, an updated version of the previous Rittai Zukan VW Pokemon viewing/management app, which will stop being sold before the new version comes out.

Pricing for this is ¥1,500.

12:07: First, Pokemon AR Searcher, out on June 23. This is an AR shooter. Pokemon that you catch via the app can be carried into Black & White 2.

This app will be available for ¥300.

12:06: Following the trailer, Iwata summarizes the basics of Pokemon Black & White 2. The June 23 release date was already announced.

He notes that the game can be played on 3DS too via backwards compatibility. But there will also be two 3DS specific download games.

12:04: Next, a look at the new Pokemon games. First, a trailer for Pokemon Black & White 2.

12:02: Iwata speaks about the success of Just Dance in Japan. He notes that rather than "localized," Nintendo "culturalized" it, meaning they made it more appropriate for the local audience.

Just Dance Wii 2 is now in development, says Iwata. It's the Japanese "culturalized" version of Just Dance 3.

A release for Just Dance Wii 2 is planned for July.

12:02: Here's Iwata!

12:01: Nintendo will be holding a 20th anniversary campaign for Kirby, says Iwata.

3D Classics Kirby will be released on 4/25. Nintendo will release Memorial versions of classic Kirby games on Wii starting this summer. Also, Club Nintendo will have Kirby goods.

Details will be shared at the Nintendo official site gradually.

12:00: Iwata is in the "Sealed Room" in Nintendo. It's used to doing wireless tests -- the walls block off wireless signals from going in and out.

12:00: The broadcast has begun!

11:55: La la la la la...

11:41: The live updates will begin at 12:00, so check back then!

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