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Patches and folders are coming to 3DS via a firmware update that Nintendo will release on the 25th. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata detailed the firmware update during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Folders will be added to the 3DS home menu, allowing users to better organize their software. Each folder can store sixty icons. The system will also allow you to name each folder, with the name's first character appearing on the folder's graphic.

Patch functionality will allow games to be patched or given updates. To apply the patch, you'll need to download the patch data from the Nintendo e-Shop.

The first games to be patched will be Mario Kart 7, New Love Plus and Kingdom Hearts 3D. The Mario Kart 7 patch, due out in May, will fix some shortcut issues that were causing problems in online play. Iwata said to wait for an announcement from Konami and Square Enix regarding the other two games.

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