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3DS owners can play Pokemon Black & White 2 via the system's backwards compatibility support. But those who want a full 3DS experience also have some related games and apps to look forward to.

As part of today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo announced two downloadable 3DS apps that are meant to make your Black & White 2 experience more enjoyable.

First up is Pokemon AR Searcher, an AR shooting game. Pokemon that you catch in this app can be carried over to Black & White 2. Pokemon AR Searcher will be released through the e-Shop opposite Black & White 2 on June 23, priced ¥300.

In July, Nintendo will release Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro, an updated version of the Pokemon management program Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW. Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro will be released on July 14, priced ¥1,500.

Zenkoku Zukan Pro is actually a replacement for Rittai Zukan BW, which will be pulled from the e-Shop on June 17. Spot Pass updates for the older app will continue through the end of 2012.

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