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New Download Content for Fire Emblem, Theatrhythm and Monster Hunter


Classic Fire Emblem character Marth was the first paid download content for Fire Emblem Awakening (and Nintendo's first ever paid download content for a package game, actually). He won't be the last.

During today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo announced new download content for Awakening, as well as content for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter 3G.

Fire Emblem's new DLC will be released on February 26. Two classic characters and accompanying scenarios will be available: Roy from Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi, priced ¥250, and Leaf from Seisen no Keifu/Thracia 776, priced ¥350.

Both characters feature special illustrators, Kimihiko Fujisaka for Roy and Sachiko Wada for Leaf.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will get four new songs tomorrow (4/22). Players can look forward to Final Fantasy VII's Those Who Fight Further (battle stage), Final Fantasy X's Normal Battle (battle stage), Final Fantasy XI's Battle Theme (battle stage) and Final Fantasy XIII's March of the Dreadnoughts (field stage).

Finally, Monster Hunter 3G received two new challenge quests following today's broadcast.

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