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Put this one on your list of "useless video game facts." Konami is now the first company in the history of the world to issue a press release announcing a patch for Nintendo's new 3DS patch system.

During today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced that 3DS will see a firmware update on the 25th that will add, among other new features, support for downloadable software patches. Iwata said that Mario Kart 7, Kingdom Hearts 3D and New Love Plus would be the first games to benefit from this functionality.

Konami followed up on Nintendo's announcements with a a press release at the New Love Plus official site. The release just notes that Nintendo announced patch support for 3DS and that New Love Plus will get a patch at some point. It does not provide a date for content for the update.

Among the bugs that players found upon trying playing New Love Plus is that the game's White Day event is inaccessible under certain circumstances. While Konami detailed a workaround, it's expected that the patch will fix this and other issues.

You can read up on all issues at the game's FAQ.

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