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Persona 4 The Golden: Famitsu DX Pack Poster Pics


Famitsu.com has released final versions of the poster artwork that will be used in the Famitsu DX Pack version of Persona 4 The Golden.

As previously detailed, the DX Pack includes a multi pouch, a set of 10 post cards, and six A3 posters. Five of the posters feature original artwork from Shigenori Soejima, Shuji Sogabe, Mad House, Studio Hibari, and Hiroyuki Maeda.

Below (from top to bottom) are the Mad House, Studio Hibari and Shuji Sogabe posters.

The question mark in the Mad House poster apparently covers something that has yet to be announced for the game.

This last pic shows someone holding Shigenori Soejima's package design (left) and Hiroyuki Maeda's poster design (right). Soejima's poster design will be shared at a later date.

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