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Monster Hunter Puzzle Game Announced for PSP

Felynes in the starring role again!

Another chance for mega cuteness on PSP! (Shown above, Monster Hunter Diary, which also starred Felynes.)

Capcom has an unexpected new game in this week's Famitsu. According to early Famitsu flying getter Sinobi, the magazine has a first look at Airu de Puzuruu, a puzzle game based around the Monster Hunter franchise's Felyne character (known as "Airu" in Japanese). The PSP title will be released on July 19, priced a low ¥2,990 (standard PSP games go for ¥5,040), or ¥2,700 as a download.

Sinobi does not provide specifics about the game, but does confirm that it's a falling blocks style game. In terms of looks and gameplay systems, it apparently resembles that classic of Capcom puzzle games, Puzzle Fighter, but with Monster Hunter characters.

Sinobi's report also mentions that the game is being planned with beginner players in mind, and it will have costume changes, albums and so-forth.

You may recall that Famitsu teased a Capcom-related announcement for this week's issue. It's unclear if this is the game in question.

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