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Zwei: Shinji Mikami's New Survival Horror Game


Shinji Mikami formed Tango Gameworks over a year ago, but we've heard little since. The veil has at long last come off the studio's mysterious project... a little, at least.

Famitsu reveals this week that the game is codenamed "Zwei." In an interview with the magazine, Mikami reveals the game to be packed with Mikami-like survival horror elements.

Development is currently at an early state, Mikami also reveals.

This report comes from Sinobi which gets Famitsu in advance and posts short summaries of the articles. We'll hopefully get a more detailed summary of the interview later in the day, so be sure and check back!

Correction: A previous version of this story said that Mikami is the game's director. He's actually executive director. See this story for details.

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