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Vanquish, the last game that saw full involvement from Mikami.

Famitsu has the scoops on Shinji Mikami's first game at his new Tango Gameworks studio. As reported earlier, the game is codenamed "Zwei."

In an interview with the magazine (summarized at Sokuho), Mikami reveals that he is the game's executive director (the initial report we had said just "director."). He's fully involved in development, though, the first time this has been the case since Vanquish.

The game's genre is survival horror. Mikami says that he went with this genre because he wanted to make a game that meets player expectations, and he felt that survival horror, the genre at which he's most adept, would be the most rewarding. He also listened to the opinions at meetings with Zenimax (Tango's parent).

Although initial planning started at the end of 2010, development appears to be quite early. The game's basic settings are about half way complete. It also appears that the game's platform isn't final, although Mikami said that it would probably be HD consoles.

Now that the basics are coming together, development will be speeding up from here on out. Tango is looking for staff, with Mikami saying he's particularly interested in talented programmers.

Mikami appears to be happy with his current development environment, saying that it's pretty much ideal. Bethesda's role in the game is mostly through support as a publisher.

So what does the name "Zwei" mean for the game? Mikami says that it does mean 2. However, this apparently has nothing to do with the game's content.

Famitsu was able to get some image boards from the game. Regarding the image boards, Mikami said to expect the game's atmosphere to be close to what you see there.

Famitsu.com often shares a few images from the print magazine later in the week, so we may get our first look at Zwei shortly.

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