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Granzella Announces Additional Delay For April Fool's Day Event


On April 1, Granzella announced that it would be delaying its April Fool's Day joke to late April. Today, the new developer announced another delay.

In a notice at the Granzella official site, chief technical officer Yoshiyuki Yoshida said that the Granzella April Fools 2012 event has been delayed due to technical problems that were discovered during checks. Fixing these issues will take time.

Granzella is a new studio formed by Kazuma Kujo, who previously made Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot at once great April Fools pranksters Irem (they had an April Fools day joke this year, but it was pachinko-related). As Granzella works on games for PS3 and Vita, the studio has been supporting PlayStation Home through lounges and items like these:

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