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Dragon Quest X: Alchemy Job Screenshots

Spin the roulette to power up your weapons.


Our latest screenshot blast for Dragon Quest X shows the game's Alchemy job. Taking over once Blacksmiths are done crafting weapons, Alchemists strengthen weapons using two types of alchemy, Jar Alchemy and Lamp Alchemy.

Guild houses for the two types of Alchemy.

Jar Alchemy can add special attack properties like "attack strength up" to your weapons. This type of alchemy is performed by placing items in a jar and playing a mini game of roulette on the jar's top. Your alchemy attempt will be successful if the roulette wheel lands in the "success" slot.

Lamp Alchemy is used for adding magic-based effects to weapons -- things like giving a weapon sleep properties which make enemies sleep when struck. Like the Jar Alchemy, Lamp Alchemy is performed via roulette.

While the inclusion of a roulette may make the Alchemy job seem like all luck, there's actually some skill involved. As your character rises in his Alchemist level, you'll gain access to special skills which can effect the roulette outcome. Skills include the ability to add success slots and predict the result of upcoming spins.

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