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Super Monkey Ball Vita: Stage Edit and Mini Games


Were you inspired by the custom bikini stage in Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz's recent demo? While you'll have to provide your own bikini-clad model, the Vita Monkey Ball game will let you make similar custom stages via a stage edit mode.

The stage edit mode lets you create stages simply by taking pictures of objects and backgrounds and shaking the system. Depending on how hard you shake, the stage's difficulty will change.

The stage edit mode is new for Banana Splitz. But the game also has some staple Monkey Ball features, including multiplayer mini games. You'll find eight games, playable by up to four players. Shown below are Love Maze and Monkey Target.

In Love Maze, you attempt to keep two monkeys attached while moving through the stage. This can actually be played solo or with another player.

Monkey Target returns from past Monkey Ball games. Players use their ball as wings as they leap for distance.

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