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Tokyo Jungle: Deer and Dog Encounter Boss Cat and Dinosaur in Shibuya


Sony's released a new batch of screens for Tokyo Jungle today. These screens highlight the game's story part, focusing on two animals in particular, Act 1: Pomeranian and Act 3: Japanese Deer.

The pomeranian chapter is called "Pet Dog: Survival Debut." Our hero suddenly finds that he no longer has a master. Realizing that he can no longer live as a pet, and that his food supply is dwindling, he heads off on a journey into the jungle... the Tokyo Jungle.

His first hunt does not go so well as a mere bunny makes a fool of him. While he slowly adapts, he eventually ends up facing off against the master of the Shibuya suburbs, Boss Cat.

The deer's chapter is the story of a brother and sister deer who search for their missing mother through the jungle... the Tokyo Jungle.

Eventually, they'll face off against a cheetah, and the brother will sacrifice himself for his sister (spoiler alert!).

Eventually, little sister deer will encounter... a dinosaur.

Sony's official text about the dinosaur asks "Does the appearance of a dinosaur have something to do with the disappearance of humans?" (Whenever they ask something like this, the answer is usually yes)

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