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Dragon Quest X Dated for August 2

Pricing and free "Kids Time" details announced.


Square Enix announced today a release date of August 2 for Dragon Quest X. The Wii title will be priced ¥6,980 on its own and ¥8,980 when bundled with a USB Memory card.

For those who opt for the base version, the game will require that you provide your own USB memory card with at least 16 gigabyte capacity. You'll also, of course, need to have a broadband internet connection.

A bit rare for Wii games, the game ships on two discs. It's unclear at present what content is on the second disc, but we should be getting additional details later in the day.

As expected, the game will have a service charge. Charges run ¥1,000, ¥1,950 or ¥2,900 for respectively 30, 60 and 90 days play (Payment can be made via credit card using standard currency, or via WiiPoints. WiiPoint pricing is the same). You'll be able to create up to three characters.

Both the standard and bundle versions of the game will come with 20 days free play time. Square Enix is also planning to host special "Kids Times" for the game. These periods will be free play. Square Enix says that it won't be setting a specific age limit for these periods, but asks that people understand that they're meant for children.

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