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Nintendo Posts 43 Billion Yen Loss, Expects Return to Profitability This Year


Nintendo shared its earnings report today for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. The company saw a net loss of 43,204 million yen on sales of 647,652 million yen. In contrast, last year the company posted a net gain of 77,621 million yen on sales of 1,014,345 million yen.

As reasons for the losses, Nintendo cited price reductions for the 3DS and Wii and a much stronger yen. While the company's operating loss was 37.3 billion yen, an exchange loss of 27.7 billion yen brought the company's ordinary loss to 60.8 billion and net loss to the 43.2 billion listed above.

For the current fiscal year ending March 2013, the company expects sales of 820 billion yen and a net profit of 20 billion yen.

Major release for the current fiscal year include New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Animal Crossing, the former due out worldwide in August, and the latter due out in Japan in the Fall. The new Brain Age game is also due for Japanese release this Summer.

Wii U is still on track for release in Japan, United States and Europe by the end of the calendar year.

Nintendo also shared hardware and software forecasts for the current year. The previous year's figures are shown here in parentheses:

  • DS: Hardware 2.5 million (5.1 million), Software 37 million (60.82 million)
  • 3DS: Hardware 18.5 million (13.53 million ), Software 73 million (36 million)
  • Wii: Hardware 10.5 million (9.84 million) , Software 70 million (102.37 million)

The Wii hardware and software figures include Wii U. Nintendo did not provide separate figures for the two platforms.

View Nintendo's earnings report here (English, PDF)

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