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Namco Bandai released a large batch of new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screenshots today. While many of the shots were shared in mini form at Famitsu.com last week, you can now see them in full resolution

Text accompanying the screenshots mentioned the following features:

  • Series first -- multiplayer match system. Players can go 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2. If you have four controllers, you can have four human players.
  • The screens show tag skills, including Tag Assault and Tag Throw
  • New Mode: Fight Lab. The first time in series history that players can customize their skills.
  • Interactive stage elements. A balcony will break, sending your opponent falling to the ground below. Your character clothing will be covered in dirt and water depending on the stage.
  • Over 50 characters for the home version. The arcade version had just 44.

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