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No Wii U Pricing Details at E3; New Super Mario Bros. 2 Offered as Download


Nintendo will be showing Wii U at E3 this year, but don't expect to hear all the details about the systems' launch. During an investor's briefing today, CEO Satoru Iwata said that pricing details will not be announced at the June event.

Twitter user David Gibson, posting live from the briefing, writes that Iwata promised details on the system at E3 and at a press conference in Japan the week after (Nintendo usually holds a post E3 press conference for Japanese press). The system will launch in Japan, America, Europe and Australia this year.

Other revelations from the briefing include details on Nintendo's bold sales plan for New Super Mario Bros. 2. The 3DS Mario title, due for release in August, will be sold in both package form and as a full download to SD card. While same day retail and download SKUs are common practice on PSP and Vita, this will be new ground for Nintendo

Nintendo usually releases presentation slides from its earnings briefings at its investor relations site so be sure and check there later in the day for more.

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