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High Sell-Through For Fire Emblem Awakening

3DS title nearly outsells previous DS game in one week.


Fire Emblem Awakening was last week's top selling game, managing the rare feat of outselling all other top 20 games combined. The 3DS Fire Emblem game was so popular that it sold out at some shops.

Sales tracker Media Create reports a high 81.63% sell-through for the game, meaning it sold 81.63% of stock. This resulted in first day sellouts at some shops, according to Media Create's report.

With 242,600 units, Awakening easily topped its most recent predecessors. 2010's DS remake Fire Emblem: Shin Monsho no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyu sold 136,000 units in its first week, and reached total sales of 274,000 units. Wii's Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn sold 75,000 units in its first week in February 2007, and went on to sell 180,000 units.

As possible reasons for the success, Media Create suggests that the five year wait for an all new Fire Emblem game may have made fan anticipation high. Additionally, Nintendo may have managed to draw in new customers through large scale promotions (commercials, and so-forth), new gameplay systems, and new character designs.

Media Create feels that the game will definitely cross the 300,000 unit wall of the recent Fire Emblem games, and maybe even have what it takes to reach a half million units.

The number two game for the week was 3DS action title Code of Princess from publisher Agatsuma and staff members from Treasure classic Guardian Heroes. This sold 19,554 units, representing 72.62% of stock.

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