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Nayuta no Kiseki: Field and Event Trailer

Plus, details on two new characters!


Falcom released the second in a series of Nayuta no Kiseki play videos today. Unlike the first one, which had just a few seconds of boss footage, this one is nearly two minutes long and includes event scenes and field exploration. Take a look below.

Joining the trailer, Falcom updated the official site with details on two characters who were previously left as silhouettes.

The guy with the giant staff is Zekust. This mysterious man is in pursuit of the Master Gear that Noi holds, and appears before Nayuta and friends. He's up to something fishy in the ruins and in Lost Heaven, but what he's doing is not clear.

The cat dude is named Misshi. This mysterious creature makes "mishishi" sounds, but is apparently quite intelligent. Misshi's species is low in numbers, so encountering one is a rare occurrence.

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