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Atelier Ayesha: Juris, Wilbell and the Cost Turn Battle System


Gust's weekly update for Atelier Ayesha includes a look at two new characters, Juris Grunden and Wilbell Voll ErsLied, and some battle details. Take a look below.

Juris Grunden / ユーリス・グルンデン (CV: Kosuke Toriumi)

  • Age: 20
  • Blood: O
  • Height 182cm
  • Job: Hunter

Juris is a young man who hunts beasts for his livelihood. He trains daily because he believes in his family belief that one will be recognized as a true hunter after defeating an ancient dragon, which he now pursues, and wearing its scales. While he aims to become a true hunter, he is also a family man and hopes to make his family's life easier. He has a little sister around Ayesha's age.

Screens of Juris in battle show his "Counter Strike" move, which is presumably a counter. We also see Juris in combat with a massive enemy.

Wilbell Voll ErsLied / ウィルベル・フォル=エルスリート (CV: Asami Seto)

  • Age: 14
  • Blood: B
  • Height 141cm
  • Job: Witch

Wilbell is a little witch with control over unusual powers. In accordance with family tradition, she is taking her witch's pilgrimage, and hopes to find a method for freely flying through the skies.

Screens of Wilbell in battle show her summoning "elements" to fight at her side, and her "Meteor Storm" skill.

Battle System

Ayesha retains the cost turn battle system of past Atelier games. Through this system, battle participants, allies and foes alike, will switch position on a turn timetable based off their actions.

New features for Ayesha's implementation include position and distance. Regarding position, if your party members are gathered together, it's easier to cast range-based magic or use range-based items. However, you also open the group to a range attack from the enemy.

You can also make use of a "Back Attack," where you attack enemies from behind. This always results in a critical attack.

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