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Face Off Against Job Masters in Bravely Default


As one would expect of a retro-styled Square Enix RPG, Bravely Default has a job system. But the playable characters aren't the only ones with jobs. This week's Jump reveals that the game's enemies, or at least some of them, have jobs too.

The magazine introduces us to three members of an air patrol in the military of Ertania, a super power that targets followers of the crystals. The three enemies are out to arrest Anies, the game's heroine who travels in search of a means of freeing the wind crystal from the darkness that has engulfed it.

The three enemy boss characters are listed in the magazine not by name, but as "White Mage," "Black Mage," and "Monk." By defeating "job masters" like these three, you'll be able to obtain new jobs for your characters.

When you change your character's job, you'll change the character's battle style, and gain access to the job's special abilities. The character's clothing will also change.

Jump's report is, as usual, lacking specifics, but based off the few details in the magazine, it seems that the job system is central to Bravely Default, and job changes will be a major part of the play experience. We'll hopefully get a more detailed report following the break.

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