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Suda 51's Recommended Diet for Lollipop Chainsaw

Does not consist of lollipops.


Lollipop Chainsaw sees worldwide release in mid June. That's June 12 for North America, June 13 for Australia, June 14 for Japan and June 15 for Europe. Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51 has dubbed that particular week "Lollipop Week."

Speaking at the Lollipop Chainsaw National Caravan Special Stage in Akiba, held on the 6th in Akihabara as part of the Gianismfes Spring 2012 event, Suda suggested that you ready the following snacks for your Lollipop Chainsaw play experience: popcorn, cola, sweet coffee (like Max Coffee), and pizza.

In addition to commentary from Suda, the stage event saw a first appearance by Lollipop Chainsaw image girl Mayu Kawamto, shown here from 4Gamer's report.

Mayu's the one dressed like main character Juliet. Like Juliet, Mayu may be able to hold her own in case of a real zombie attack, as she won a world karate championship tournament in Russia when she was in junior high.

Visit 4Gamer and Famitsu.com for more pics from the event.

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