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Time Travelers Release Date Set

Sony reveals a July 12 date for multiplatform adventure title from Level-5.


After months of unofficial hints, an official release date has been revealed for Level-5's Time Travelers.

We wrote that in the passive because Level-5 didn't actually do the revealing.

As part of a series of PlayStation Vita announcements today (new Crystal White color and Hatsune Miku limited edition), Sony shared a list of upcoming Vita releases. The list includes a previously unannounced July 12 release date for Time Travelers.

While Time Travelers was originally announced as a 3DS title, Level'5 revealed it to be multiplatform at last year's Level-5 World event. The game will be released simultaneously on PSP, PS Vita and 3DS.

Update: Level-5 has officially announced the release date. All the platforms get the game on July 12. The retail versions are ¥5,980. The PSP and PS Vita download versions are ¥4,980.

Sony's release schedule also includes Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (June 7), Person 4 The Golden (June 14), Metal Gear Solid HD Edition (June 28), Resistance (July 12) and Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva (August 30). These dates were previously announced.

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