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One Piece Pirate Musou Closing in on One Million

Namco Bandai sees big numbers from Dark Souls and Ace Combat.


PlayStation 3 is close to having a new million seller. Namco Bandai's fiscal 2012 earnings report reveals total shipments of 940,000 units for One Piece Pirate Musou.

The crossover between Namco Bandai's One Piece franchise and Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors series was a big seller in 2011 and 2012 for Namco Bandai, but not the biggest seller. That honor goes to Dark Souls, which shipped 1.19 million units. Ace Combat Assault Horizon followed with 1.07 million units.

Dark Soul's sales include just the US and Europe. In Japan, the game was released by From Software, and the Japanese total is not included in Namco Bandai's figures.

Of course it should also be mentioned that One Piece's sales include just Japan.

Following One Piece, the top Namco Bandai software list includes: Tales of Xillia (770,000 units), Dragon Ball Ultimate Blast (700,000), Soul Calibur V (690,000), Gundam Xtreme VS. (570,000), Ben10 Racing (460,000).

PS3 was Namco Bandai's biggest platform for the year, with sales of 8,483,000 units across 23 titles. PSP followed with 4,186,000 units across 24 titles. Xbox 360 had 3,176,000 units across 23 titles.

For the current fiscal year, Namco Bandai once again expects PS3 dominance, with 7,480,000 units across 27 titles. PSP is expected to push 3,450,000 units across 32 titles. Xbox 360 is expected to see 3,140,000 units across 27 titles.

View Namco Bandai's full earnings report here.

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