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Konami's Big Headed Baseball Game Set for PS Vita This Year

Powerful Pro Baseball comes to full set of PlayStation platforms.

From last year's installment of Konami's big headed baseball franchise.

Konami released its standard proportion baseball game, Pro Baseball Spirits, on the full suite of PlayStation platforms this year. It will be doing the same for the latest installment of its big headed baseball game, Powerful Pro Baseball.

Weekly Famitsu reports this week that Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2012 will be released on PS3, PSV and PSP. All versions will have a Success Mode, complete with a college baseball component. The PS3 and PSV version will have a new "Pawasuta" (presumably Power Star) mode which makes use of network functionality.

According to Sinobi, which provided us with this pro flying get info, Famitsu does not list a release date for the game. Last year's PS3 and PSP installment was released in July (see this page for screens and details).

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