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Soul Sacrifice: Your Gruesome Sacrificial Magics


The big catch for Keiji Inafune's PlayStation Vita action title Soul Sacrifice is not the "soul," as many had initially expected, but the "sacrifice." As detailed earlier in the day, Soul Sacrifice has you sacrifice body parts to perform powerful magic.

Weekly Famitsu lists the following sacrificial magics. While we listed these as summons earlier, they appear to be just magic attacks.

  • Excalibur: You stick your hand down your throat, pull out your spinal cord, and use this as your sword.
  • Gleipnir: Chop off your five fingers and perform a punch with your extended bones.
  • Gorgon: Pull out your eyeballs, and use them to blast out magic beams
  • Gungnir: Your bones and nerves emerge from your body and attack

Why would you torture yourself to kill your foes? This is actually part of the background story. You play as a slave who serves a cruel sorcerer.

It appears that you may be fighting people like yourself. Screenshots show massive creatures who apparently used their powerful magic too much and lost their human form.

There are still a few unclear areas about Soul Sacrifice -- for instance, if you chop your fingers off, do they come back? -- but we'll hopefully get additional details later in the day or at tomorrow's unveiling press conference.

Famitsu lists Soul Sacrifice as 50% complete. The game is due for release this Winter.

Now that you know what Soul Sacrifice is about, see if you can spot any of the soul sacrificing in the video that Sony released yesterday.

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