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Tokitowa's Heroine Has a Split Personality

Make Toki transform into Towa for range attacks.

Toki at her marriage. Or is that Towa?

We've been translating the name of Imageepoch's PlayStation 3 RPG Tokitowa (fully Toki to Towa) as "Time and Eternity" because that's what the kanji translates to. It turns out that there's a bit of play on words in there too. The name could also be translated to "Toki and Towa."

Toki is, of course, the name of the red-haired heroine. But Famitsu reveals this week that there's also a "character" named Towa.

Towa (voiced by Eri Kitamura) is Toki's other personality. Toki undergoes a form change ala Sailor Moon to becomes Towa. To make this transformation, you'll need pepper. Lots and lots of pepper.

In battle, Toki and Towa have different abilities. Toki is good at distance attacks. Towa is good at close range attacks. Imageepoch will hopefully detail the battle system soon so we'll know what this means.

That's Toki in a pre wedding chat with her friends. To turn into Towa, she'll need some pepper.

Update: As Exelx pointed out in the comments below, Imageepoch may have already showed Towa in a previous trailer:

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