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Famitsu Persona Chatter: Persona 4 Has Insects, Persona 5 May Have New Music


Famitsu has an update on Persona 4 The Golden this week, and even a brief mention of Persona 5.

Regarding The Golden, a PlayStation Vita remake of Persona 4 that's due for release on June 14, the magazine reveals a new insect catching element. Insects that you've caught through this can be used for fishing.

The brief bit about Persona 5 comes in an interview with composer Shoji Meguro. Meguro says something to the effect of, if there's a Persona 5, and it is radically different from Persona 3 and Persona 4, he'd also change the music.

It's possible that Meguro made additional comments in the interview, so check back later in the day once clearer reports are available.

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