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We forgot to mention one major character in our previous writeups about Soul Sacrifice: a "book." This "book" is a central figure in the game's story.

As detailed earlier, the main character is someone who was raised by a cruel sorcerer. Just as the main character is about to be given as a sacrificial offering, a special book appears before him. This book is a demon in book form. It contains the records of past fights between the sorcerer and monsters.

The player enters the world of the book and experiences the stories and fights depicted therein.

In addition to this background story, Sokuho's Famitsu summary mentions one magic attack that we didn't mention earlier: Salamander. This attack involves burning something (presumably a part of your body).

The game will have a customization component. You'll be able to select from a variety of styles for your character.

Your play style will also affect your form. As part of the game's story setting, the monsters you fight are former humans who used their magic too much and lost their human form. Make the same mistake, and you'll also begin to lose your human form.

Soul Sacrifice has support for one to four players. While we don't know what the multiplayer component will be like, it appears that you'll be able to sacrifice your fellow players' lives.

Keiji Inafune is listed in Famitsu in the game's "planning" and "development" role. Actual development is taking place at Marvelous AQL. The game's music component is from Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama, with Hokoyama scheduled to head up overseas recording. On Sony Computer Enteratinment's side, the game's producer is Kentaro Motomura , and its assistant producer is Teruyuki Toriyama.

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