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GREE and DeNA Phase Out Complete Gacha Sales Tactics


GREE said today that it will halt Complete Gacha sales tactics in all games that it develops and manages on its GREE social gaming network. New titles released from tomorrow on will not have Complete Gacha features. Current titles will suspend such features on May 31.

DeNA, operator of the rival Mobage platform, also indicated plans to halt Complete Gacha tactics. While not giving a specific time frame, CEO Isao Moriyasu said during an earnings briefing today (via Reuters) that the company will gradually phase out Complete Gacha from Mobage games. It has already started the phase out in its own games. It is asking third parties to do the same.

These moves by DeNA and GREE come following recent revelations that the Consumer Affairs Agency is investigating Complete Gacha as a possibly illegal sales tactics. The agency has not yet issued a clear statement about the legality or any new regulations.

During today's briefing, Moriyasu did not say how the move would affect revenues, instead promising an update once the company has made the determination internally. He did note that internal DeNA titles did not use Complete Gacha as little as one year ago, and third party use was also limited at the time. This indicates that revenues and earnings would not fall below the baseline of one year prior.

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