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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Download Content Dated at PlayStation.com


The Final Fantasy XIII-2 download content pricing and release dates that supposedly leaked out of Xbox.com a few weeks back were confirmed fake. Now it's PS.com's turn to do the leaking, but this time you can confirm the validity for yourself.

According to Taiwan's PS.com (with translation support from FF Reunion), the following will be released on the 15th:

  • Snow and Valfodr: NT$152 (¥400)
  • Lightning's Requiem of the Goddess DLC episode: NT$228 (¥600)
  • Serah's White Mage costume: NT$114 (¥300)
  • Noel's Black Mage costume: NT$114 (¥300)
  • Moogle 16 piece costume set: NT$114 (¥300)

The yen pricing are approximations.

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