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Sony Shares Platform Sales targets; Expects 16 Million Consoles, 16 Million Portables


Sony expects a huge leap in portable hardware sales for the current fiscal year. While the company sold 6.8 million portable hardware units last year, it expects to sell 16 million this year. The 16 million is split between PSP and PS Vita. Last year's total was just PSP.

The 16 million figure was revealed as part of Sony's annual earnings report today. The report also lists a target of 16 million consoles, split between PS2 and PS3. Last year, the company managed 18 million consoles, split 13.9 million PS3 and 4.1 million PS2.

In software, the company expects similar performance to last year, which means around 196,700,000 units.

View Sony's full earnings report here.

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