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Time Travelers Official Site Opens

Latest story and character details. Plus, our first gameplay system -- quick timer events!


Level-5 gave Time Travelers a true official site today. Access the site for sections detailing the story, characters and game systems.

We previously detailed the story, but here's a recap. In the year 2031, mankind has created a 2000 meter "Space Elevator" in Tokyo Bay. Eighteen years prior, a great disaster known as "Lost Hole" caused destruction to the city, but people quickly recovered, and Tokyo is now developing into an even larger, more modern city than before.

The story begins with announcer Hina Fushimi conducting an interview with once great scientist Kyugo Shindo. During the interview, the research facility the two are in suffers a sudden explosion. If the explosions continue, the result could be a 50 kilometer blast zone.

Characters introduced at the site include:


A high school girl who appears before each of the five main characters. Each character encounters a slightly different Mikoto, with different clothing and atmosphere.

Five different versions of Mikoto.

Hina Fushimi

An idol female announcer who's out for the scoop on the mysterious terrorist known as Dokuro the Beast.

Yuri Fukase

A top student who has a major secret a past incident.

Soma Kamiya

A top detective with the police. His wife and children are taken hostage, and he's ordered to perform a terrorist act. Does he choose to save his family, or the residents of Tokyo?

Kyugo Shindo

A once great physicist who defrauded people of investment money claiming that he was making a time machine.


This thirty-year-old's father stopped giving him his allowance, and his girlfriend of five years broke up with him. He refers to himself as a hero.

The game system section mentions the "full voice, full motion" drama that Level-5 promised at the game's announcement some time back. There's one actual gameplay system mentioned at the site: a Quick Timer Event system. More gameplay system details will be shared in future updates.

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