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Konami and Namco Bandai Also Ending Complete Gacha Products


Following similar moves by DeNA and GREE yesterday, Nikkei reports today that Namco Bandai and Konami will also be halting the use of the "Complete Gacha" sales tactic in social games.

Namco Bandai said that it will end Complete Gacha use in it existing games, including the pouplar Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, by the end of this month.

Konami said that it has also decided to stop the use of Complete Gacha, but it did not give a timeline.

Dragon Collection, one of Konami's most popular social titles, is heavy on the Gacha play mechanics.

Both companies expect minimal losses from the policy shift. Namco Bandai noted that social games accounted for just 15 billion yen of its total 440 billion yen in sales for the current fiscal year. Of this, Complete Gacha totaled 3 to 4 billion yen in sales.

Konami said that it began adding Gacha functionality to its games in December of last year and saw relatively little change in earnings. In the last term, Complete Gacha sales accounted for just 5% of total social game sales.

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