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Gravity Rush's Music to Feature in Live Nico Nico Broadcast


Keiichiro Toyama and Kouhei Tanaka to discuss music component of acclaimed Vita game.

Gravity Rush is often cited for its unique visual style and gravity free game mechanics. But Sony will be focusing on another area of the game in an upcoming Nico Nico Live broadcast.

On Monday the 14th, Sony will host a music broadcast for the game. Director Keiichiro Toyama will be joined by sound lead Kouhei Tanaka (previous work on Resonance of Fate and Sakura Wars) for a discussion of the Vita title's musical component. Tanaka will also perform some of the music live.

To view the event live, visit Nico Nico on the 14th at 20:50.

Tanaka (left) and Toyama.

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