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Namco Bandai Counts Down to Next Tales Game

Announcement to be broadcast live for Tales fanclub members.


Following a teaser article in the latest Jump, Namco Bandai has opened an official countdown page for its promised "Next Tales of" announcement.

As detailed at the page and in Jump, the announcement will take place during the Tales of Festival event on June 2.

Namco Bandai always makes major Tales announcements at the annual event. Different from past events, though, you'll be able to watch this one live. Tales Members will be able to watch an exclusive live broadcast of the event. Details will be announced here.

Tales Members registration is free, so if you want to watch you may want to sign up in advance.

Ahead of the announcement, a teaser commercial for the game will air during the May 21 and May 28 broadcasts of music program Hey! Hey! Hey! on Fuji TV. The program airs from 20:00 to 20:54, so we'll hopefully get uploaded footage around that time.

The last main "mothership" Tales game was Tales of Xillia on PS3. The series has also seen two more recent smaller titles, Tales of Innocence R on PS Vita and Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave on PSP.

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