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Gundam Age Release Date Set

Two versions for Level-5's PSP conversion of Gundam Age.


Leaked images from the upcoming issue of Coro Coro Comics reveal a release date of August 9 for Level-5's PSP adaptation of Gundam Age. The game will be released in two versions, Universe Accel and Cosmic Drive, each priced ¥5,980.

With the Inazuma Eleven series, Level-5 is no stranger to multi SKU releases. Here, the two versions will have Mobile Suit units from different Gundam franchises. Cosmic will have mecha from such series as Gundam OO and Gundam Seed.

While these classic mecha will appear as guest Mobile Suits, the real attraction of Gundam Age will be in using your own custom unit for combat. The game includes support for three player simultaneous play, with each player using their custom built MS.

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