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Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Smartphone Apps Drive Square Enix to Profitability


Following major losses the year prior, Square Enix returned to profitability in fiscal 2012. Net sales were up 2.1% to 127,896 million yen. Operating income was up 46.2% to 10,713 million yen. Net income went from a 12,043 million yen loss in FY2011 to a 6,060 million yen gain.

In its earnings report today, Square Enix credited the favorable results to increased sales of console games, boosted by Deus Ex Human Revolution and Final Fantasy XIII-2. The company also saw continued expansion in growth areas such as web and smartphones, with such titles as Sengoku IXA and Final Fantasy Brigade performing well.

View Square Enix's full earnings here (PDF, English).

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