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Who Came Up With Kindom Hearts 3D's Drop System?

Co director Tai Yasue discusses drops, dreams and more in new interview.


One of the primary new systems for Kingdom Hearts 3D is its "Drop System." This system forces players to switch control between main characters Sora and Riku.

So who came up with the Drop System? The answer.. isn't really much of a surprise.

In an interview with the May 10 issue of Weekly Famitsu (released on April 26), which was posted in part today at Famitsu.com, co-director Tai Yasue revealed that Tetsuya Nomura made the request for a system which forces the playable character to change.

Yasue joked that his reaction to the request was a feeling of fear. He was concerned that this would change the tempo we've seen from the KH series thus far.

Players might have noticed the KH3D keeps track of your drop count -- that is, the number of times you switch between Sora and Riku. This, explained Yasue, is just for show, similar to how the game displays your play time. The count does not have any other effect on the game.

Another major feature of KH3D's gameplay is its "free flow action" system, where you make use of walls and poles as you dart through the stages. This also came about following discussions with Nomura.

Originally, the staff began working on the free flow gameplay by using Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep data. They planned for two or three days, developed for one or two weeks, and ended up with the basic shape that we're seeing in KH3D. Once this gameplay direction was in place, they did not stray from it, although they did add new elements.

Elsewhere in the interview, Yasue discussed the game's Dream Eater collectible creatures component. Dream Eaters are used in mini games, including a card-themed game called "Flick Rush" (details on Flick Rush here). Flick Rush, which supports wireless multiplayer play, was originally planned to make use of the systems' camera. You'd be able to take a picture of your friend and use that in the mini game. Nomura did not approve of this idea, so they went back to the drawing board and came up with the final trump-based system.

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