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Square Enix Shares Regional Shipment Targets For This Year

Company expects Japanese software shipments to drop despite DQX release.

Dragon Quest X launches on Wii on August 2. Past DQ games have managed sales of well over 3 million units. Will the online-only DQX be as big a hit?

During a briefing today, Square Enix shared earnings and shipment targets for the current fiscal year.

As reported earlier, Square Enix returned to profitability last year due (ending March 31, 2012) in part to strong console performance from games such as Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Deus Ex. The company saw net sales of 127.9 billion yen, operating income of 10.7 billion yen and net income of 6.1 billion yen.

For the current year, ending March 31, 2013, the company expects a 29% increase in sales to 165 billion yen, a 40% increase in operating income to 15 billion yen, and a 49% jump in net income to 9.0 billion yen.

Dragon Quest X will launch to Japan on August 2. Square Enix mentioned the game at the briefing, saying that the beta test is going smoothly.

Despite DQX's Japanese release, Square Enix expects Japanese unit shipments to drop from the previous year. In fiscal 2012, the company sold 17.66 million pieces of software, split 5.58 million for Japan, 6.74 million for North America, 5.11 million for Europe, and 0.32 for Asia and other territories. This year, it expects 18.8 million units, split 7.6 million for North America, 7.3 million for Europe and 3.9 million for Japan.

In the Japanese market, outside of DQX, Square Enix also has Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D due on May 31 and Bravely Default due some time this year. Hitman is also confirmed in Japan this year. Tomb Raider, while confirmed for Jan to March 2013 in North America and Europe, is listed as just 2013 in Japan.

View slides from the briefing here.

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