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Lumines and Rez Creators Release First iOS Game


Monstars Inc., a development studio formed by industry veterans whose past work includes Lumines, Rez, Lost Odyssey and Child of Eden, has released Kotomon for iOS. This is the studio's first game.

The catch phrase for Kotomon is "Dancing! Monsters! Shooting! Action!". Controlling the Kotomon character with your finger, you catch friendly monsters and shoot them at enemies. The various friendly monsters have different capabilities. Some will rocket around like a pinball, while others breathe fire or detonate on impact. Your actions add beats to the background music, allowing you to contribute to the soundtrack.

Kotomon's staff list includes Osamu Kodera as planner and programmer, Sawako Yamamoto as producer and Eiichiro Ishige as director. Kodera, Monstars' founder, previously worked on planning and programming for Rez's boss fights and as a main developer on Child of Eden. Ishige worked as game design director on Child of Eden and battle director on Lost Odyssey. Yamamoto was producer on Child of Eden and also worked at Electronic Arts on the localization of games like Star Wars and 007.

Download Kotomo on iOS now for ¥350/$2.99.

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