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Pokemon shared a new batch of Pokemon Black & White 2 screens with the online media today. If you've been keeping up with Coro Coro Comics' reveals on the game, some of these should be familiar.

Included in the screens are some familiar faces for Pokemon fans. Historical trainers will return for battle in the game's Pokemon World Tournament area, where you'll be able to fight tournaments using single battle, double battle and other rules. The game will also support Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service for special downloadable trainers.

Also new for Black & White 2 is Pokewood, a movie making mode (I presume that's supposed to be like "Hollywood," but I have to admit it makes me giggle). You can create your own movie, selecting from various dialogue options and scenarios.

Finally, some new art for some familiar characters, including Belle, who appeared in the original Black & White and who will give you your first Pokemon in B&W2 and Cheren who's grown up some following the original. Other returning characters include Adek and N.

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