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A new mothership Tales game is going to be announced early next month. But before that announcement, Namco Bandai has provided a first look at another new development for the franchise: a mobile strategy title.

Tales of the World Tactics Union will be released to KDDI Android devices on July 2, Famitsu.com reports today. This new take on the series features, as one might expect from the "World" offshoot, classic Tales characters battling together.

You'll form parties with familiar characters and take part in strategic battles. The game will feature original mascot characters, new artwork for the Tales cast members, and smartphone-style flick and touch controls.

Tales of the World Tactics Union is a free-to-play game, but you'll need membership in KDDI's AU Smart Pass program (the monthly fee for this service is ¥390). The game will have item transactions.

The characters shown in the artwork and screens on this page represent just a partial cast. The artwork also shows two of the original mascot characters, Terun (the green one) and Nahato (blue)

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