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Ex Troopers has some ties to the Lost Planet franchise.

Famitsu has first word on a new Capcom title this week. Titled Ex Troopers, this action shooting game is being developed for PS3 and 3DS release under the watch of producer Shintaro Kojima (Monster Hunter series).

Ex Troopers shares the same world view as Lost Planet. However, the game has an anime visual style and a school-themed story. According to a summary of Famitsu's article from Sinobi, the game looks like a science fiction Justice Gakuen. Between stages, the game uses a "manga demo" event system similar to what was used in Gravity Rush. Capcom will be using May'n for the game's theme song.

We'll likely get additional details from Famitsu later in the day, and a first look later in the week, so be sure and check back!

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